10+ Leads Per Week: How Maid to Clean Developed Their Company with Strategic SEO

MaidToClean is Melbourne’s most sought-after cleaning service. It is committed to providing dependable, high-quality cleaning with a professional touch. They can meet your demands for a one-time thorough cleaning, routine maintenance, or specialty services. They value establishing dependable, long-term customer connections by providing exceptional service. You can trust MaidToClean to turn your area into a spotless sanctuary while you attend to what’s truly important to you.


When Maid to Clean first set out to build a solid internet presence and generate leads, it encountered several obstacles. There were unique challenges to beginning an SEO campaign from the ground up, especially in a highly competitive industry like Melbourne’s cleaning services.

From getting our name out there to competing with more established businesses, we’ve had our fair share of hurdles as a newly formed company.

The company’s operations became more complex as it shifted from being mainly physical to having a substantial online component. Despite their hard work and knowledge, Maid to Clean faced several challenges:

  • Increasing brand awareness in a competitive marketplace.
  • Establishing reputation and confidence among potential clients.
  • Taking on more established cleaning firms who have more resources to devote to advertising.
  • Creating opportunities for potential clients and turning them into paying clients.
  • In charge of managing client expectations and making sure they are satisfied with the services provided.
  • Striking a balance between the needs of expanding their internet presence and those of their physical presence.
  • Maintaining proficiency in search engine optimization by monitoring changes to relevant tactics and algorithms.
  • Dealing with changes in demand and effectively managing resources.


Our SEO strategy helped Maid to  Clean improve its web visibility and increase lead generation. Our first step was creating a bespoke website that met their requirements. Implementing our extensive SEO plan boosted their exposure and brought clients looking for home cleaning in Melbourne.

We also ensured their Google My Business (GMB) page ran well to boost their reputation and visibility in local searches.

We launched an outreach backlinking strategy to increase Maid to Clean’s web presence and authority. This strategy sought to acquire high-quality backlinks from trustworthy domains to boost MaidToClean’s search engine ranks and increase its site authority.

Within six months of our work, Maid to Clean saw a substantial increase in leads generated by their website and other digital channels. They were known as Melbourne’s top-rated and most sought-after cleaning service because of their dedication to offering outstanding cleaning.

The reopening of Maid to Clean in October of last year coincided with a dramatic increase in demand, resulting in months-long wait times for appointments. Our personalized SEO approach was vital in this achievement, further solidifying Maid to Cean’s status as the market leader.


Partnering with us for our SEO services provided Maid to Clean with the following benefits: 

  • A Surge in Visits to the Website: The Maid to Clean website significantly increased traffic, which continued to rise over time. They were able to reach more people and get more prospective clients due to their increased internet presence.
  • Acquiring More Leads: Maid to Clean increased their website leads from zero to ten per week with efficient SEO strategies. This helped them increase their revenue and gave them numerous possibilities to turn prospects into paying clients.
  • Higher Positions in Search Engines: Maid to Clean climbed the SERPs for cleaning services-related keywords due to their proactive optimization efforts. Customers in Melbourne looking for cleaning services would view their website more often because of this boost in visibility.
  • Powerful Web Presence: After its revamped web presence, search engines and consumers began to view Maid to Clean as more credible and powerful. Increased interaction and conversions resulted from their optimized website and GMB profile, which helped build credibility and trust among potential consumers.
  • Competitive Edge: In the Melbourne maid services industry, Maid to Clean earned an advantage over competitors by investing in SEO for cleaning services. They furthered their image in the business by positioning themselves as the go-to solution for clients looking for dependable and expert cleaning services. 

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All of these results show how much better off Maid to Clean is now that they have an SEO strategy that is just right for them. 

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