Improved Maids Cleaning Services by 40% Through SEO

To make sure every room in homeowners’ homes is spotless, MoreHands provides a range of cleaning services, from regular cleaning to thorough cleaning. The crew has the knowledge and tools to efficiently and precisely clean any type of carpet, upholstery, and any other specialty cleaning job, including post-construction cleanup, move-in/out cleaning, and more.


Several obstacles stood in the way of MoreHands’ goal of becoming a big player in the internet arena. The company’s persistent efforts to outrank its primary rivals in search engine results have fallen short, resulting in lower-than-anticipated website traffic.

“Our rivals are consistently outranking us in search rankings. This is getting annoying!”

Examining the difficulties they encounter in further detail:

  • Conflicting Opinions: Even after continuous search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, MoreHands couldn’t outrank its primary competitors.
  • Keyword Saturation: In the middle of saturation, it is difficult for them to identify the proper keywords, which hinders efficient targeting.
  • Restrictions on Access: Having trouble getting to the top of local search results even though the audience is mostly local.
  • Complex Obstacles: Despite technological improvements, the website experienced sluggish loading speeds and indexing difficulties.
  • Content Caliber: It was difficult to produce interesting, high-quality content that increases search engine rankings.
  • Difficulties in Building Links: Getting high-quality, authoritative backlinks to the website was no easy feat.


MoreHands opted for our two-pronged SEO strategy to overcome these obstacles. We first redesigned the site’s structure to make it more user-friendly and search engine algorithm-friendly. Their search ranks rose dramatically as a result of this smart action.

Furthermore, we focused more on building a quality backlinks strategy. Because of this, search engines now view their website as more authoritative and credible. Both organic traffic and search engine rankings saw a significant uptick after these changes. The groundwork for long-term success and expansion was laid when SEO Cleaning Services became the go-to option in their neighborhood.


After implementing strong SEO tactics, MoreHands saw a dramatic improvement in its web presence and financial results. They planned to increase their online visibility and reach more potential customers with our customized SEO strategies.

Our search engine optimization efforts yielded remarkable results:

  • Top keywords outranked: The company outperformed the competition and secured prominent spots in search engine results pages (SERPs) by achieving higher search engine rankings throughout important keywords.

Take the examples of these three keywords:

1. austin housekeeping services

2. house cleaning houston

3. house cleaning austin

  • Significant Uptick in Visitor Numbers: Within a few months of employing SEO strategies, MoreHands witnessed an incredible increase in organic traffic, with visits jumping by more than 35%.
  • Increased Success Rates: Their conversion rates shot up by 25% as a direct consequence of the laser-like optimization of their website and content.
  • Growth in Customer Base: Boosted in both exposure and rankings, MoreHands increased its market reach and drew in consumers worldwide.
  • Elevated Credibility of the Brand: With search engine optimization tactics, the company established itself as an industry leader and strengthened its brand’s authority and credibility.

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