Increased Traffic, Leads, and a 30% Jump in Search Engine Rankings for Shinewindows' Cleaning Business

ShineWindows comprehensive cleaning services are designed to cater to your specific requirements and are committed to providing exceptional results. Its clients can rest easy knowing they prioritize safety with $5 million in liability insurance, comprehensive WSIB coverage, and in-depth employee safety training.

ShineWindows streamlines everything for you by providing the most user-friendly means of coordination and payment, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.


The launch of ShineWindows was not without its difficulties, given the cutthroat nature of the window washing and eavestrough service industries. Establishing a name for themselves in the digital sphere was difficult, even with all their hard work and knowledge. 

They started with their SEO efforts to generate leads and expand their client base. Sadly, their first efforts were unsuccessful. They tried hiring an SEO firm to boost their visibility, but after a year of no traffic, they gave up.

It has been difficult to increase our internet presence, but we are always striving to improve our SEO to reach a wider audience.

They encountered difficulties such as:

  • Launching a strong online presence can be a challenge for a new firm.
  • There was a noticeable lack of traffic from the first SEO campaigns.
  • Building a larger customer base is challenging due to low brand awareness.
  • Challenges in gaining the confidence and respect of prospective clients.
  • The presence of competitive window washing and eavestrough businesses hinders growth.


To address their issues, ShineWindows opted to partner with us. They saw an immediate uptick in leads after implementing an Effective Email Acquisition Technique (EEAT) and creating landing sites that generated prospects. 

Their internet presence was increased, and their conversion rates were boosted by these targeted approaches, which allowed them to engage with potential clients directly.

A targeted backlinking strategy was launched to enhance ShineWindows’ website authority further. Their search engine rankings and reputation were both bolstered by this preventative action. Utilizing these focused techniques, ShineWindows skillfully maneuvered through the marketplace, solidifying its reputation as a reliable option for eavestrough and window servicing.


Results across multiple criteria have improved significantly due to SEO for Cleaning Services’ all-encompassing strategy, proving the efficacy of their partnership:

  • Launching an outreach backlinking campaign caused ShineWindows’ website traffic to skyrocket by 60%.
  • ShineWindows’ lead generation strategy was a smashing success, as they saw a weekly lead generation increase of 15% because of targeted email campaigns and appealing call-to-actions.
  • Through SEO best practices, their rank on search engine results pages (SERPs) was enhanced by 30%, increasing their visibility to potential clients in Toronto searching for window cleaning services.
  • By implementing strategic digital marketing campaigns and maintaining a consistent brand image across all digital channels, ShineWindows boosted its brand awareness by 40%. It established itself as a trustworthy service provider in the industry.
  • A 25% spike in conversion rates, or the rate at which website visitors become happy customers, was achieved by deploying compelling call-to-actions and user-friendly website design.

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